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Business Registration Services and Legal Services

Civil/Criminal      CS Laws and Accounting helps a lot of cases  that are being referred by various Embassies in Thailand who have confidence in the ability of the company to handle difficult situations effectively and confidentially.  Many of these referrals involve representations of foreign visitors who have been arrested for civil and criminal cases. The company has develop a unique understanding and expertise for this fascinating country customs, laws and traditions. This understanding enables CS Laws and Accounting to provide the clients with sound, professional advice to achieve the best possible results. The company has a staff of qualified licensed English speaking lawyers with years of experience in Thai Law working on difficult client matters.   Family Claims      FAMILY LAW in Thailand is primarily codified in the Civil and Commercial Code. The legal system of Family Law in Thailand is based on the European Civil Law system with main influences from the French Civil Law. In Civil Law the general rule is codified and works from the top general written law down. Thai law is not made by judges and Thailand does not know case law (judge made law), but in practice it is impossible to understand Civil Law in Thailand without also taking into account the relevant Supreme Court judgments. The Supreme Court of Thailand gives rules for the exact interpretation of words and sections of the Civil and Commercial Code in order that written laws may be correctly understood and the extent of their meaning or significance determined. The Supreme Court does not rule over a specific case, or takes in consideration the circumstances and facts of a specific case, but explains the exact meaning and interpretation of the written law applied in the actual matter under ruling of the lower court. The Supreme Court rulings have binding authority, similar to written laws.   Inheritance      In general, all kinds of property, rights, duties and liabilities can be included in the inheritance. Usually, the beneficiary is entitled to receive all property that they are bequeathed under the will. However, there are special rules that apply to foreigners owning land, so if a foreigner is bequeathed land the consent of the Interior Ministry must be obtained before they can claim it. This may be granted in certain cases, but if permission is refused, then the land must be sold within one year (and the cash can be transferred), or the land transferred to a Thai national.      In the case of a condominium, the ownership is transferable to a foreigner provided that the total number of condos owned by foreigners in that particular development does not exceed 49 percent. If it does then it must be sold within one year or transferred to a Thai national.        CS Laws and Accounting specializes in setting up safe and secure company registration for foreigners. Our legal and consulting staff have set-up thousands of companies in Thailand and have decades of combined experience in all facets of Thailand law for foreigners. Contact us for a free consultation, were ready to help. Anyone planning to open a business in Thailand will have heard that it is rarely as straightforward as they would like it to be. This is particularly true for those unfamiliar with Thailand laws and legal practices. The good news is that with our expertise and extensive knowledge behind you, setting up a company in Thailand has never been easier. Thanks to a range of new government incentives, from tax allowances to easier access to work permits for non-Thai nationals, a great deal is now possible that would have been unthinkable not long ago.